Sugarbunnies Patisserie 08/11

We had the cutest little bunny come in the shop this morning. He was craving watermelon, and every shop he had gone into didn’t have any in stock. We fixed him right up!

Later, Shirousa and I ran downtown to enter the pastry chef cake decorating contest. I wanted something elegant, so I scanned white, which created a beautiful cake! We were crowned the contest champions!

Hanausa wanted me to help her make some bouquets for our store window. I know she had to get incredibly frustrated with me! But with her perseverance, I made my first “cute” bouquet!

Momousa was having a fashion crisis. I think she was attempting to create a new uniform for her and Hanausa’s shop. She hit me on the head a few times as I kept scanning brown in place of the white she wanted for the top. We ended up with a white blouse, sakura pink skirt, and a ribbon as red as strawberries!

Later, I couldn’t find the right green for the mint in our new strawberry tart. I got a little crafty and found the green on my umbrella worked. Successful and DELICIOUS strawberry tart, if I do say so myself!